The University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum is a non-profit, nationally-recognized literary event. Author Forum programs carefully match an author and interviewer; their hour-long candid conversation takes place before a live audience at The Kentucky Center in Louisville. The event is taped and distributed by KET, Kentucky Educational Television, and airs as the series “Great Conversations” on PBS member stations across the country.

Past guests have included Congressman John Lewis, in conversation with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow; Chris Matthews, with E. J. Dionne; Pat Conroy, with Maureen Corrigan. Our 2016-2017 season featured Thomas Friedman in conversation with Representative John Yarmuth; Joseph Stiglitz in conversation with Rana Foroohar; P.J. O’Rourke in conversation with Robert Siegel; Colson Whitehead in conversation with Isaac Fitzgerald and Sebastian Junger in conversation with Joe Klein.

The series was founded by producer Mary Moss Greenebaum in 1996 , and is sponsored by  Brown-Forman and The Humana Foundation.

Viewers in other parts of the country should check their local PBS listings; and, if you don’t find the University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum’s “Great Conversations,” we hope you’ll ask your local PBS station to carry it.

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Kentucky Author Forum guests Malcolm Nance and Ned Price featured in inaugural conversation for U of L’s Office of Thought Leadership & Civic Engagement, hosted by Assistant Dean Nat Irvin and State Senator Gerald Neal

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The Mind Meld of Bill Gates and Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker was the guest of the Author Forum in May, 2012, celebrating the publication of his book The Better Angels of Our Nature. Here The New York Times discusses his work with Bill Gates.

Book Review: TRUMPOCRACY  The Corruption of the American Republic  By David Frum

From the New York Times – A Conservative’s Case Against Donald Trump From the Courier-Journal David Frum’s ‘Trumpocracy’ is ‘sustained howl of rage’ against the president | Review

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